Twitter – the Work Water Cooler of our Time?

The number of headlines these days about our federal government is making me wonder if anyone is doing anything other than gossiping around the new “water cooler” of our times – twitter.

I need more facts and less gossip – especially about what is getting done at the federal level.

  • Cabinet members are providing leadership on what policies?
  • Congress is agreeing on what legislation to aid Americans?
  • Congressional hearings & investigations have uncovered what facts?
  • Talking heads – can you discuss what is instead of what might be?

Who is actually accomplishing anything at the federal level these days?  Who is minding the baby so to speak?  What work is getting done?

A small businessman I know doesn’t think much of government employees.  All this carrying on among the top leaders of the nation just fuels his resentments.

I know in several agencies – HUD, HHS, the VA – the intelligent, professional civil servants are still trying to get work done.  I give them a lot of credit to stay focused on their missions amidst the whirling of their leaders and the continuing water cooler talk.

I ask you to call out successes and amazing work you see being produced by skilled professional federal employees.  I’d enjoy having a boatload of examples to counter my friend’s growing cynicism.   I offer this one from the good people at the Housing & Urban Development department – working despite the rancor above to help local communities reduce homelessness.

Email me some examples!  I need some good news.  [email protected]


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