Steampunk It!


Several months ago I attended the 35th anniversary gala for Homefull, a nonprofit organization that provides an array of services, housing and shelter to end homelessness.  Their gala’s theme was Celebrating our Past, Transforming our Future.   It was held in a former steam plant re-purposed as an event space, which was very creative.  The invitation stated “Stylish attire, Steampunk optional.”


I discovered that evening that I wasn’t the only one who had to look up Steampunk!  Whew, I thought I was somehow out of touch with style trends.

Steampunk was originally a genre of literature then moved into pop art and fashion – combining Victorian era, or 19th century styles (the time of steam power) with science fiction, futuristic concepts and technology.   I’m fascinated by this Steampunk concept.  I’ve often thought since the gala, that there’s wisdom in this terminology.

Do you use the old metaphor, “don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater?” I have but it always conjured up a mental image of which I’m not fond.  The meaning though I find pertinent to many applications – when removing non-essentials, be careful to not remove essentials.  I’ve decided to rid this phrase from my lexicon and replace it with “Steampunk It!”

In 2018 and beyond, when attempting to renew, rejuvenate solutions to complex problems, I will look to the tested truths and solutions of the past and combine them with new technologies and innovation of the future.

I will Steampunk It!

Luken Solutions’ vast experience in housing along with Sally’s compassion for vulnerable populations combine to make the organization an excellent choice to partner in bringing projects to fruition.

- Stacey Smith NAMI Ohio
Luken Solutions