Partnering with NAMI-Ohio on Landlord Incentive Fund

Luken Solutions wrote the successful grant application for our client, NAMI-Ohio, to Anthem Health for $100,000 to implement a Landlord Incentive Fund in SE Ohio.  The RFP for the fund was issued to over 35 mental health providers and local authorities in a 21 county area of Appalachian Ohio on May 20, 2019.  Providers in the region are encouraged to apply for grant funds to reward and incentivize private landlords.  The fund’s goal is to increase the number of rental units available to person with mental health issues who are in need of stable housing.  Stable housing is a social determinant of health and can improve a person’s recovery following hospitalization or rehabilitation.  This fund will help support people’s success, especially those leaving the Adam-Amanda Mental Health Rehabilitation Center in Athens Ohio.  Grant applications are due June 11, 2019.  For more information about the fund or to request the RFP, email

Sally is dedicated to ending homelessness in Ohio, and across the country. Her knowledge of systems, processes and people has led Ohio to make significant strides toward this goal.

- Holly Denniston, Loan Officer, CSH
Luken Solutions