3 Steps to Housing Affordability

Professional speakers often break down complex issues into threes.   Memory experts say if we block long sequences of numbers in small blocks, people will remember the sequence  – hence phone numbers in the US are sequenced 3-3-4.  And the old rock group, Lnynrd Skynrd, knew something about this when their song implored a potential adversary […]

He Made a Profound Impression Upon Me

…his wit, his brilliant mind, his profound statements, his commitment to people and in the end his caring heart.  Glenn Hopkins, the Executive Director emeritus of The Main Place, was laid to rest on March 18, 2017 at too young of age.  How unfair that life gave Glenn the challenges of a severe mental illness […]

Caitlyn Jenner back in the News Again

Caitlyn is in the news again. She certainly is receiving lots of publicity for herself and in the process has shed light on transgender people. But, I’d rather read, hear and talk about some amazing people who have been working less publicly for years to address the transgender issue. Meet Jama Shelton, PhD and Lesly […]

Republican Presidential Debate? I think I was on the wrong channel.

Ten seemingly intelligent men stood on a stage in my home state of Ohio Thursday evening and fielded questions from a panel of news reporters from one sponsoring network, FOX. This event aired exclusively on that channel and was available only if you had cable. It was called a debate. Debate? I understood a debate […]

Sally is a knowledgeable, trustworthy, and dedicated professional and colleague. Sally has provided TA (technical assistance) as a HUD (federal department of Housing and Urban Development) TA provider; worked closely with affordable housing professionals throughout Ohio; and successfully created and launched new initiatives…

- Liz Drapa, Managing Director of Consulting and Training, CSH (Chicago)
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